Egocentric round-up

Hiya, people.

I know I haven't been writing properly for ages now. Actually, I think I had already posted a while ago about not posting anything decent, so I'll skip that part. I'll just say it's partly due to CapFic, and partly because I've been going fishing in most of my spare time recently.

I have to wake up early tomorrow once more, to hook some more fish. I know, I obsess on strangest things. Whatever, it keeps time rolling.

I already had a few drinks, so I realized I wouldn't be able to wake up before the sun if I continued. Being a Friday night as it is, I chose to skip sleep and ordered some more spirits. So I'll stick around, doing my tackles and stuff.

I've promised Nocturnio for a new post, which I had been hoping to write. It's actually mostly a translation of a speech from dearest Nihat Genc, a fellow writer of my tongue. I hope he'll be okay with my "free-style" translation, adding and subtracting bits. Anyway, just to note that the thoughts and emotions in the next post are his, and not mine.

That sounded weird. To clarify: I totally agree with him, and feel exactly the same. What I meant is, it's his thoughts and words, mostly. I really wish they were mine. I just wanted to emphasize they're not mine, giving full credit against being accused of plagiarism.

Anyway, I still got several hours before dawn, so I think I'll put up the post tonight. Partially because I think I will sleep through the rest of the weekend when I come home from fishing tomorrow. And I hate to break promises.

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