Week in review

Hey everyone..

Well, I know I spent the last week on CapFic, and didn't post much here. At least I thought so, but looking back now, it seems it's been a while since I posted anything decent here..

So this is like a confession post. Just to sync up. Here's the state of the nation:

As you probably know by now, I launched a new site called CapFic, which is the new harbour of my defected ramblings. I really have fun writing there, but time is the worst enemy as always. I tried to (and have succeeded till now) to update CapFic daily. And especially on weekdays, that sucks up all my energy — not to mention I was constantly late to work this past week.

Well, that's me. And how's everyone doing?

I put the rss feed of this blog on Feedburner, and when I used to post daily, there seemed to be 20-30 subscribers. I know some of you, not very well, but at least I know who you are. But that's just a few people. I am really curious about who took the pain to subscribe to this piece of bogus rants.

So what's up, everybody out there? Please leave a comment if you're reading this.

And I'm just gonna get a sixpack since it's Friday. And that means, yet more lyrics. =)

How have you been?

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