Ungrateful heart

This is an old and touching Italian ballad. It was originally written by Salvatore Cardillo, especially to be sung by Enrico Caruso. It was also sang by Uncle Junior in Sopranos, I think at the end of season 3.
Catari, Catari
Perche me dici sti parole amare
Perche me parle e 'o cuore me turmiente, Catari
Nun te scurda
Ca t'aggio date 'o cuore, Catari
Nun te scurda

Catari, Catari,
Che vene a dicere stu parla ca me da spaseme?
Tu nun'nce pienze a stu dolore mio,
Tu nun'nce pienze, tu nun te ne cura

Cuore, cuore ingrato
T'aie pigliato 'a vita mia
Tutt'e passato e
Nun'nce pienze chiu

Catari, Catari
Why do you tell me those bitter words
Why do you speak and torment my heart, Catari
Don't forget
I had given you my heart, Catari
Don't forget

Catari, Catari,
Why do you come to say words that make me suffer
You don't think of my pain
You don't think, you don't care

The heart, the ungrateful heart
You've taken my life from me
Now it's over, and
You don't think anymore


damien said...

cool. I used to listen to a Spanish singer, Cristian Castro. never really looked up the translation because i liked the sound of the foreign language. That's a good song, I'm glad you posted the non-translated part as well.

Nick Brismut said...

Yeah, I just loved this song from the moment I first heard it.

I enjoy listening to songs in languages foreign to me, as well.

I think it was Borges, who said learning a foreign language kills the imagination.