Mind like water

I think I'm sober now..

I read the Getting Things Done book (manifest?) from David Allen in the past couple days (yeah, while sobering up). I had read quite a number of good (and passionate) reviews of the GTD system for some time now. I usually just smirk at such buzzy trends, especially if it's some kind of self help development all is well theme. But I had nothing better do, and decided to give it a try.

So I downloaded a pdf of the book and began reading it. But that's piracy, well, yes it is. But there's no way I'd give money for some book when I have hardly the money for smokes and food. And, by the way, especially not to some greedy robber.

Right, that's in direct reference to David Allen himself. Just for goodness sake, check out the "features" of his marvelous "digital 2 minutes timer" software:
How long is 2 minutes? Most people had no idea, until now. With this digital timer installed on your computer just a keystroke away...

This miraculous piece of software is available for purchase at David's site for $10. I mean, come on.. Does he really need the 10 bucks from that crap so badly?

Anyways, I read the book, and to my surprise, it wasn't all that bad. I liked a few tricks he suggests, actually, and I think I'm going to try them out for a while at work and elsewhere. It might be a good way to recollect my pieces.

Not to reach a higher state of mind, though, or a "mind like water." Just to get things done, hopefully. I got tons of stuff to take care of, and I can't get meself to actually do anything. And my mind is like water already, any way. Probably more like the muddy waters of the Wishkah, but.. Well..

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damien said...

I need one like that to go off after 2 hours when I'm poring over blogs . . . it should say as an alarm: "Damien, eat something . . . get fresh air." LOL