Fun or Sun?

The Sun won't be here forever. It will probably burn out in a few million years. Better not get too used to it. Better enjoy it while you can.

Wait.. You probably won't last that long.

The advice still holds, just needs a paraphrase —

You won't be here forever. You will probably burn out in a few decades. Better not get too used to yourself. Better enjoy life while you can.

I'm not completely drunk yet, so you might consider that as a hint, if not the truth.

Either way, you have a limited amount of time (life) to spend. Just like me.

How do you plan to spend it?

Never thought of it? Come on.. Your life is the most real thing you do (and ever will) possess. You never thought of how to use it?

Head up. Stand up. You've got all the time in the world, and you surely wouldn't want to spend it sitting down.

So what to do? Imagine yourself in a year from now. In five years.. In ten years. Where do you want to be? How do you dream yourself?

Sailing in the Mediterranean, on an old ass wooden boat, fishing for dinners and picking tomatoes for breakfast, drinking raki (or uzo) every other night, catching every drop of the sun, every shssh the wind carries, never having to get up early (but getting up early anyway, just to catch the sunrise), no troubles about a day-job what-so-ever, earning your living just writing poems and stories (or maybe code). Or maybe just trading in fish for whatever you need.

That is Sun.

Working your ass off like you have a thousand more, playing the corporate game, honing your skills in office politics, getting that office with a view, a salary you can't ever spend, meetings, god all the meetings, a luxury car parked in front of your luxury house, which is decorated with all the luxury money can buy, and spending your money on all the luxury entertainment (can't think what), the parties, 5-star hotels, malls, designer clothes, antique collections, security systems (of course).

That is fun.

I'd prefer the Sun. Not just because it's free. Because it's more real.

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